Karen Marra

Karen Marra


Karen Marra is 'a multi-faceted Artist. Just as her voice changes into a versatile way on the basis of her skills to use tongue and palate she changes her style from Pop to celtic and from celtic to R&B. 'Cause Karen does not like putting Music in BOXES as well as her own soul. Her lyrics as well as her soul are Row and trasparent and they have the task of acting as a mirror to the soul of 'man so frail and “blank Page” where colors as well as the shadows get displayed. Her songs as same as the very colorful and edgy sounds are meant to be like a pen of a Journalist who writes what happens around,specifically behind the scenes. "Life is not only about colours.Life has shades as well,and only few talk about it.Nowadays Artists talk about success,money,Sex, result. I talk about Process,desert, failures that build up true character in a person before the achievement of any success. Success is healthy only in the hands of people with strong character,built in failure time. "Karen says. Highly inspired by Bob Dylan, she is very raw Christian songwriter that has taken Bob's footsteps as story teller and spokeman of truth 'unvarnished. L 'EP Shades is autobiographical Journey where in a simple and honest way, Karen exhibited her fragility', and moments of desert as well as the loyalty 'of his God in all this. WHO WE ARE is made up in the way we face our darkness and believe that the Bright light will be stronger than our darkness"





Ultime uscite

Ultime Uscite



It's made of three tracks, each one different from the other in style,nonetheless similar in the context where existential questions of life get their answers out of an encounter with God through Nature,where earth meets the Sky


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