Esteban Maxera Cuarteto

Esteban Maxera Cuarteto


He studied Bass and Contrabass at the Municipal School of Music and at the National University of Rosario, Argentina, continuing his training in Buenos Aires with Alejandro Herrera (bass player of Al Di Meola). He studied Harmony applied to Improvisation with musicians of the likes of Jeff Berlin, John Stowell and Alejandro Herrera and Thiago Espirito Santo. From 2014 he leads a quartet with compositions of his own, already with 2 discs released ("Song For Lichi" - year 2016 -, "Oggi" - year 2017) and a 3rd album on the way. The musical proposal opens its doors to different genres, always using jazz and improvisation as the main ingredient. In July of 2017 the quartet made its first tour of Spain, with shows in places such as "Clarence Jazz Club" (Málaga), "El Plaza Jazz" (Madrid), "Jazz Café" (Córdoba), "La Bóveda "(Zaragoza)," Milwaukee Hall "(Pto. Santa Maria of Cadiz), among others.





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Song For Lichi

Song for Lichi è il disco di esordio del quartetto guidato dal bassista argentino Esteban Maxera che ha dedicato l’intero lavoro alla memoria di suo nipote. Insieme a Esteban, Andres Tarrab alla batteria, Mirko Tijardovic alla chitarra, Lisandro Perez al sassofono e Alejandro Herrera (Al DiMeola) al basso in “Ahi Va Compa”.


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